My Work

Laura's recent figurative oil paintings look at how women are portrayed in society. The artist is particularly interested in ideas surrounding sexuality, femininity and how women age. The insecurities, fears and hopes that they have for the future and achievements and regrets of the past.

Each work relates to an incident or distorted reality of an actual event that the artist has either witnessed or, more often than not, actually experienced or imagined. In that sense the paintings are autobiographical.

The artist is nostalgic for an age before Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat -a time when technology played a lesser role in our social correspondence.

Recording and interpreting life in its raw and unrefined state: the postcoital encounter in the bedroom, the heady euphoria of the party; the artist's interest is as much in the situation itself as in the choreography of that situation.

Studies of the German Expressionist artists such as Paula Modersohn Becker and Egon Schiele informed her earlier work. More recently, British artists Stella Vine's bright painterly works on celebrity and Tracey Emin's honest self examinations (especially in her drawings) are key influences.

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